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Incense + Ash / Concrete Cat
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Incense + Ash / Concrete Cat
Incense + Ash / Concrete Cat Incense + Ash / Concrete Cat

$70.00 $100.00

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Concrete Cat uses color, pattern and form to create a portable art piece. The Oracle design pattern represents an infinite amount of depth and the ability to peer through dimensions; an extravagant use of color in a dizzying array of options.

We adore these modern concrete pieces, made by hand in Canada with cannabis users in mind. Light a stick of your favorite incense and relax with an Indica-dominant strain for a lazy evening in. Keep it on display in your home or studio to balance feng shui and remind you to pause and take time for yourself. Four corner slots encourage group enjoyment, should the party expand.

Color: Oracle-Neruda

Dimensions: L 5.5” x W 5.5” x H 1.5”

Weight: 2.9LB/1.3KG